Q & A

Do you provide destination photography?

We are located in DC. A travel charge will be added towards any destination outside of the 10 mile radius of the DMV.

Do you provide creative direction during the shoot for posing, props, etc (Note: my business is coaching and consulting and want

Of course, providing creative direction is provided. The client also have the freedom to share input as well. However props are not provided by the photographer.

Do you have backgrounds/or location options if customer does not have a specific location is decided

Currently don't have a physical location. We're only provide on-location photography

What is the average number of photos for each Package

The results varies depending on the event, there isn't really a set number. However you will receive all photos.

Who has ownership and/or license rights over photos?

Both the photographer and client has license rights unless Client request otherwise during contract signing.

Is the Registration form an agreement for services?

The Registration form is to provide the photographer your creative vision, ideas, theme etc... After payment, a contract will be sent to the client. Signature is required from Client and Photographer.

Are there restrictions of the type of pictures taken within the photo shoot?

Photo shoot includes any type of pictures, any number of individuals, wardrobe change etc... within the requested time.

Are photos featured on the website?

They could be unless client objects

Are there any restrictions having additional people during the shoot?

There are no limitations.

Are there additional cost for having more people in the shoot?

No additional cost, the package purchased by client covers it all.